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How to prepare for unfair dismissal disputes/cases at the CCMA/Bargaining Council

(2 Day Workshop)



20 & 21 June 2019: Tsogo Sun: Century City (Canal Walk): Cape Town



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Module 1: Functions, jurisdiction and powers of the CCMA/ Bargaining Councils


Module 2: The dispute resolution process

  • Automatically unfair dismissals
  • Misconduct and incapacity dismissals
  • Operational requirements dismissals
  • Unfair labour practice


Module 3: Serving and filing of documents

  • How to calculate time periods
  • How to serve documents on other parties
  • How to apply for condonation for documents delivered late


Module 4: Conciliation

  • How to refer a dispute to the CCMA
  • Date of Dismissal
  • What notice must be given of the conciliation meeting
  • Representation
  • What happens if a party fails to attend or is not represented at conciliation
  • Functions and obligations of the commissioner at conciliation
  • How to determine whether a commissioner may conciliate a dispute
  • Disclosure of documents
  • Methods that commissioners use to break the deadlock
  • The certificate of outcome


Module 5: Con/ arb

  • What is a con/arb
  • What notice must be given for a con-arb hearing
  • How to object against a con/arb
  • The procedure which is to be followed when there is an objection
  • The procedure to be followed when there is no objection


Module 6: Arbitration

  • What is the nature of an arbitration and when may an arbitration be conducted?
  • How does a party request the CCMA to arbitrate a dispute?
  • What notice must be given of the arbitration hearing?
  • How to postpone an arbitration


Module 7: The Pre Arbitration conference

  • What should be considered at a pre-arbitration conference
  • When should a pre-arbitration conference be held?


Module 8: Other Procedures

  • How to join or substitute parties to proceedings
  • How to correct the citation of a party
  • When the Commissioner may consolidate disputes
  • How to have a subpoena issued
  • Expert witnesses
  • Witness fees and travel and subsistence expenses
  • Cost orders in an arbitration


Module 9: Preparing for arbitration

  • Gathering of information
  • Determine the onus of proof
  • Consider the evidence: types and admissibility
  • Identify and preparing your witnesses
  • Examine the merits of your case
  • Preparing a bundle of documents


Module 10: Arbitration – presenting your case

  • Representation
  • Settlement agreements
  • Preliminary and interlocutory applications
  • Narrowing the issues in dispute
  • Opening statements
  • Evidence-in-chief/examination-in-chief
  • Cross-examination
  • Do’s and don’ts when cross-examining witnesses
  • Re-examination
  • How to deal with the hostile witness
  • Closing arguments


Module 11: Rescissions and variations

  • How to apply for a rescission of the award or ruling


Module 12: Enforcement of settlement agreements and arbitration awards


Who Should Attend

The workshop is aimed at all users of the CCMA and Bargaining Councils including –


  • Union officials and shop stewards
  • Employer organisations
  • Officials and HR / IR managers
  • Anyone that represent their companies at the CCMA/ Bargaining Councils
  • Business owners



  • R 5990-00 (incl. Vat) per delegate
  • Price include course material, certificates of attendance, & catering/ refreshments
  • Safe and secure parking



For further information contact:

  • Hanlie or Peraldo (012) 661 3208
  • or



Online booking form


Click here to download registration forms for 20 & 21 June 2019: Tsogo Sun: Century City (Canal Walk): Cape Town




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